Ten major support Support
1.Exclusive operation support in designated area
Dealers enjoy the exclusive right to operate in designated areas and protect the interests of franchise operators.
2.Professional opening guidance support
Provide scientific and reasonable, industry leading decoration design plan, and enjoy professional terminal management team on the location of the shop, investment budget, decoration construction, product display and so on.
3.Supportive subsidy support
Provide a series of support, such as shop subsidy, so as to minimize the pressure of joining dealers and ensure fast access to normal operation.
4.Perfect training support
Provide comprehensive training support, including product knowledge, sales skills, installation, after-sales service and other system training, to help dealers quickly enhance competitiveness.
5.Mature management system support
All sides provide management support for franchisees, including store management, display array management, and full management of shop assistants.
6.Continuous new market market
Relying on the strong R & D, design team and the operation center and network all over the country, we will carry out continuous new product listing, cover the market in all directions, and ensure the continuous supply of new products.
7.Strong brand publicity support
With the whole country's airports, rail traffic, high-speed intersection, outdoor big cards, body and other platforms, carry out all directional advertising, maximize the value of advertising marketing, so that the volume of sale rises straight.
8.The promotion support of the most practical effect
Provide promotional materials (atlas, manuals, promotional props) and other forms of promotion support, try to help franchises to remove business barriers, improve store sales
9.Professional planning team support
The company specializes in providing various kinds of marketing promotion activities and programs, such as holidays and other forms, to help dealers carry out different forms of market activities, and promote the performance and sales of stores.
10.Perfect supply chain and after-sale service support
In the country, there are four major R & D production bases, 37 operating centers, more than 3000 franchised stores and more than 10000 outlets, from product customization to installation and maintenance, home lighting one-stop service, to eliminate the worries of Franchised Distributors in an all-round way.
Join process
1.Field survey of applicants
2.Fill in the join information
3.Qualification assessment assessment
4.Research on target market
5.Signing an agreement contract
6.Marketing team to help open the shop
7.Personnel training
8.Guide the planning of business