Origin of “Zhidongfang” brand ORIGIN
Tang is the dazzling red magnificence,
Song is the ingenuity of a celadon.
In the changing times, people’s belief in Chinese aesthetics has never changed. It is the extension of the free meditation spirit
It is a tribute to the gem of the East.
Today, Chinese-style homes have a new definition. Great music has the faintest notes, and great form is profound. Without the limitations of antique flavor
It enjoys the fresh heart and soul, and the profound charm.
Zhidongfang - NVC’s new Chinese mid-to-high-end household brand
Free from complexity and extravagance, it incorporates the haunting oriental artistic conception into modern life.
Zhidongfang, New Oriental Aesthetics.
Slogan of “Zhidongfang” brand: New Oriental Aesthetics 。